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Ceramic tiles are also an increasingly popular choice for bathroom tiles for many people and satisfies the criteria for most bathroom ideas. It looks good with its glazed finish and is sure to please any eye. But no good thing comes without its disadvantages and in this article we are going to address that as well. So, should you choose ceramic tiles for your bathroom? Well, the answer is, it depends. Let us explore it by breaking it down (No, not literally!).

Something that you must keep in mind is that there is nothing specifically like a bathroom tile which is specifically designed for bathrooms or which is the ultimate choice for your bathroom. It depends on a few things: aesthetics, imperviousness and slip-resistance. Aesthetics are a completely personal choice as some people prefer the glazed ceramic design while some prefer others.

Floor: Breaking it down, a good tile for your bathroom floor must be slip-resistant - as much as possible. This is because your bathroom floor is more often than not, wet and if it is too slippery, it might cause a few domestic accidents (which no one wants). It must also be impervious. No tile is completely impervious but the more the better. You can get ceramic tiles in glazed and non-glazed variants. The glazed variant is very impervious but it is also slippery (very much so). So, if you use ceramic tiles, you have to sacrifice on either the imperviousness or the slipperiness - both of which should not be considered feasible because you want your tile job to last longer and not cause you accidents. So ceramic tiles are a no-go for your bathroom floors. Some bathroom ideas for design might suggest that it is, but don’t choose these for your bathroom floors.

Walls: For the walls however, all you need to worry about is the design language and the imperviousness (as you get water on your bathroom walls more than often). So, if glazed ceramic tiles match your aesthetic demands and contribute well to the design you are looking for, you should definitely choose it. However, do not choose large tiles (if not extremely needed to match your design) as they are tougher to install and more often than not, such bathroom tiles don’t have a pleasing effect to the eye. Smaller, well-managed tiles look much better (and last much longer).
Overall: Overall, ceramic tiles are popular options for bathrooms but they are not recommended for your bathroom floors (because of just how slick they are!). For bathroom walls, however, it is recommended if it’s what you are looking for aesthetically and if you are after those kind of bathroom ideas. If you want your bathroom to shine and stand out, you can choose ceramic tiles (but only for the walls and ceilings!).