Tiling is a job that requires a high level of skills and finding someone who is good at it can be quite a task. We know that you wish to find the very best person for your project and we understand that it might be difficult for you. So, we are here to help. Making the effort to seek out a top-notch tiler will help you avoid a whole host of problems that might arise in the future if you settle for a mediocre one. And finding a good tiler in Ireland can be particularly difficult as there are no restrictions imposed on them and very few regulations that they need to follow, especially in the Dublin area.

With most other things that you do, making a checklist of questions to ask yourself while choosing a tiler is an easy (and an efficient) way to go. These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself when you are looking at a tiler’s website/description:

Is it possible to work with this person?

It should be pretty easy to figure this out. You should go read reviews and other feedback. It will give you a good idea of the person’s work ethic and his attitude.

Does he have a portfolio?

A portfolio will help you see what kind of work the tiler has done earlier and what you can expect from him. Stay away from tilers with no past experience to show and no website/portfolio. There are lots of inexperienced tilers in Dublin and you should stay away from them.

Are his references credible?

He must have references who will vouch for him and you should ask for the contacts of those references so you can verify their credibility. You should check for sources close by, like in Ireland itself so you can check out if you wanted to.

Do his working hours suit you?

Everyone has certain working hours and you should check to see if it matches your needs.

Do they clean the tiles after grouting?

It might sound a little technical, but the tiler will know about this. Grouting can be a pretty messy business and can leave a haze on the tiles if not cleaned off properly afterwards.

Do they dispose of all the waste?

It is a building job so of course there is some waste and you should hire a tiler who will take care of the waste. You wouldn’t want a pile of waste standing on your driveway after you have your work done, and then have no one to take care of it.

Picture Courtesy: SimonTheTiler

Do they take care of the pre-tiling work?

It is highly probable that you are looking for a renovation project and that requires some extra work before the actual tiling begins. And you would like to hire a tiler that will take care of that too – like removing old tiles, boarding the floor to make it ready etcetera. You should ask the tiler if he would take care of that too. He will ask for a little extra amount of money but make sure that it is reasonable.

Will the tiling job function well?

You must check with the tiler to see if the fall he lays out is good enough. If that isn’t good enough you might face some issues with the drainage later. You should also check if the work will be water-tight and will have no leaks after. A tiler with an eye for detail won’t miss this. You should ask the tiler if he will caulk the joints, that is, fill them with silicone which will ensure that the joints do not crack over time and with a little movement.

Does the finished work look good?

Well, that is what we are doing this for, right? To make sure we have something that looks good and adds beauty to our home/workshop or anything. So, it should be ensured that, depending on where the tiling is being done, the result will look good. For example, the grout lines should be uniform, the wall tiles should be placed perfectly vertically. There should be no noticeable slithering where the wall meets the ground. All of this contribute to a job well done. You should check these things out from his portfolio and if he doesn’t have one, you should look for someone else.