The guys from Irish Tiling Services are simply great. I had a window sill in the bathroom to be removed and then some tiles put back on and a re grout of the bathroom to be done. Allan came up and gave me a free estimate within 2 days. I had gotten a few quotes but felt happy with what I had seen and heard from others about the guys. when them time came to do the job Allan and Pat found a major problem. When my bathroom was fitted some years back by another tiler it was never sealed properly. It was a disaster, the plasterboard was completely rotten and when the showed me I was amazed that it was still standing. All the tiles had to be removed and new plaster board had to be put up. In fairness to the guys the helped me get a tile and did all the work. They got 2 days work and they worked well past normal hours and only charged me for the day rate. They did an excellent job , they were helpful and efficient and in fairness they nearly could have charged me a lot more but they were very fair. the new tiles look great and i’d be happy to give them business again if it came up.

Hugh Quigley